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Phoenix: please check the event calendar
No one in the Mumble channel... will check again in about 20-30 minutes.
Are we running anything tonight?
No problem, real life come first.


So it has recently been brought to our attention that there is interest from new and even older members  ( Tollon/Biker because they are ancient) that folks would like to perhaps engage in some weekend raids, from my understanding of the matter these would not be anything super hard or stressful just a way to get the new members involved and active within the guild and let them get their hands dirty.

So as such very soon we'll adjust the events calender and start requesting that interested parties sign up and par take in the events if anything for a little bit of no hassle fun. for more information please contact Tollon or Biker or Myself ( Mizukage ) or even God for all I care but just get signing !!!! 


Hope to see you all soon and may the jelly doughnuts be with you.

Bikerfzr these runs i have managed to attend have been a great laugh so far

Because I Could..

Mizukage a posted Jan 27, 15

Place needed a little brightened up. So have a nice picture.


P.s Smile folks just because you never know.

Back In Black !

Mizukage a posted Nov 11, 14

Well this is as always a regularly scheduled broadcast to just give folks a good ole how are ya'll?

I do apologise for the quietness of late but as all of you are all to well a lot of us have gotten some what  busy of late, nothing major to worry about such things often happen but things should definitely pick up again in the next few weeks with the launch of the expansion and the return of REVAN !!!!!!!

On another note however over the next week or so there will also be a mass recruitment drive going on so don't panic it will happen and not all will stay as always but we'll get a few keepers.

Peace and Love to you all , now I am going to go get dried because I got quite wet walking home in the rain. 
yons Do not kill phoenix group yet! We start this year better than ever before. By my calculations we have arround 6 fix pla ...
Bikerfzr well expansions here still guild is dead , starting to think apart from red grp if guild is dieing?
yons ...

Hey folks just a little update on the current state of affairs. With the release of the new patch you will have noticed that we have done a significant amount of recruiting and the guild is now busier than ever now with that in mind I would like to ask that everyone has a little patience while we get everything back up and running as the summer period draws to a close.

As of this week the guild managed to hold its place in the Top 10 due to a lot of effort from everyone in the guild as more people than every are helping to contribute the guild activity as a whole.

A lot of the new guys have had questions on what exactly the Conquest mode is, so for their benefit the conquest mode is simply a way in which other guild can compete for control of planets to earn rewards for the guild as a whole. The required activities change week from week and you'll learn more and more as it goes on and we organise things. 

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions and we look forward to seeing lots more of everyone in the future. This has been a public service announcement.

Birthday Shout Out !

Mizukage a posted Jul 20, 14

As the title in of itself would suggest this is indeed a birthday shout out !!!!

Congratulation's Rakes one year wiser = ] 

You'll understand the picture I hope and incase not...........

Rakes Thanks for the awesome congrats ...
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