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will come in a short time
Nice way to get this datacrons! [link] We should give it a go! :sick:
Internet instalation tomorrow.... :sick: (I hope)
just got a visitor not gonna make it tonight
I'm without internet at home for this week, I hope. I'm having problems with contract another isp... :'(

Hey folks just a little update on the current state of affairs. With the release of the new patch you will have noticed that we have done a significant amount of recruiting and the guild is now busier than ever now with that in mind I would like to ask that everyone has a little patience while we get everything back up and running as the summer period draws to a close.

As of this week the guild managed to hold its place in the Top 10 due to a lot of effort from everyone in the guild as more people than every are helping to contribute the guild activity as a whole.

A lot of the new guys have had questions on what exactly the Conquest mode is, so for their benefit the conquest mode is simply a way in which other guild can compete for control of planets to earn rewards for the guild as a whole. The required activities change week from week and you'll learn more and more as it goes on and we organise things. 

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions and we look forward to seeing lots more of everyone in the future. This has been a public service announcement.

Birthday Shout Out !

Mizukage a posted Jul 20, 14

As the title in of itself would suggest this is indeed a birthday shout out !!!!

Congratulation's Rakes one year wiser = ] 

You'll understand the picture I hope and incase not...........

Rakes Thanks for the awesome congrats ...

Metal Ass Gaming ? To put it into perspective, MAG is a group of gamers who have come together to create content around games they know, love and sometimes in some sinister situations.....Absolutely hate!

Follow the exploits of Kaya, an alternative model based out of Belfast, Jake, a fledgling metal musician from England now living in Belfast and John, a slightly bizarre metal - head who barely has perspective on reality and a serious alcohol addiction as they relive their child hoods and give their own twisted thoughts on gaming old and new.

Current content features Metal Ass Gaming, a show where the team hang out, play some games and mess around. And Battle Ass! The versus show  where the hosts will battle head to head for gaming domination and supremacy. Future plans include content based around local indie developers, as a means to try and promote the local creative scene,  This will come in the form of interviews, first looks and special shows where the develops will feature on an episode for a game of their choosing.

If any of this at all interests you feel free to check us out on Facebook and Youtube.
Mizukage a Check it out folks , at the very least you may get a few laughs and if you like be sure to Sub and Like and all the usua ...

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen as the title states the purpose of this post is to address the current situation with regards to raiding within the guild and the never ending curse of the Summer period.

Those of you that have been with us long enough will know that the summer time shenanigans will often see a decreased interest in actively raiding and or trying to pull things together. Now with that being said I would like to get people to think about what they want to do a lot of people have expressed tons of interest in raiding but don't seem to want to turn up or just don't have the drive a lot of the time to see it through, I am by no means casting the same net over everyone as is with life people has families and jobs and just LIFE which is perfectly understandable.

So what we must ask is that people have a little initiative and try and help others and themselves because as some of you will already know I (Mizu) am stepping away from a lot of the activities of the guild and Fluff can't always make it either and as most of the work a lot of the time is being done by us there will be a noticeable gap that is going to require folks to step up and get stuff done. 

So we are open to ideas you guys and gals might have ? 
Do you think you can handle more responsibility ?
How about ideas for social events ?

This guild has been through so much and its beloved by a lot of us that have taken the time and effort to evolve it into what it is today, an environment where we hope that people will come to have a bit of a laugh and just enjoy the game for the game that is it .

Yours Sincerely,  Mizukage and This Is Not A Moon
yons Hello hello!!!! Yeah the summer curse is a bitch! ;) During this time I should only be absent from game for 2 weeks in ...

Well seeing as there hasn't really been much to report on lately I figured I would allow you all to share in the awesomeness that was  Fluffy's birthday cake lol caused some grief but she got it in the end :P ..... even those these pictures are a few months later than what should have been ( runs for cover) 

P.s You said anything that wasn't bad .... this technically isn't bad..............
Lainedil That's just awesome ...
Mizukage a p.s it was so much better when the scottish folk didn't take a knife to it = ]
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