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The 10-ticket per toon limit for the upcoming raffle draw has been lifted! Want to win the Darth Malak set? Buy as many tickets as you can to improve your odds :thumb:
Raffle winners: Orashan 1,300,000 credits // Kae'la 500k pot // Tollon: Volcanic Kell Drake Pet. Grats all! Super Mega prize next week: full DARTH MALAK armour set! Check the forums :)
Purple raid canceled for Sunday due to lack of signups/easter.
they did indeed
Did you guys get tyrans yesterday?

This Week's Raffle Prize!

Mizukage a posted 16 hours ago

So in short this little post is just to spread the word to folks about what is available in this weeks special raffle as well as the usual cash prize with the potential for the 500k one shot pot and  other assortments of pets or mounts we have the complete Darth Malak armour set up for grabs, if you love your KOTOR lore or you just simply want to look like an absolute bad ass this here is your chance, as has been stated the limits have been lifted and you may purchase as many tickets as you wish.

As usual direct all of your mails to one sir "Lainedil"

And may the force bring you luck in your endeavours.

As stated in the title the Guild Bank is having a special raffle next week and as you can see in the above picture we have a very special prize up for grabs.

This Raffle will vary slightly different that the usual weekly raffle in that all proceeds will go straight to the Guild for future prizes and funding guild activities and events. 

So Tickets will be 15,000 credits each, you may purchase as many tickets as you want and standard Raffle application process applies, a Message in game with the number of tickets you wish to acquire and the credits. The draw will be done next TUES before are standard raids.

Mail to be sent to Mizukage or deposit straight into Guild Bank but be sure to still send mail with the number of tickets you want.
Mizukage a And ironically Biker took home the prize lol , congratulations.
Bikerfzr oh now i like that :-)

Well folks time again for another news night live at 4 am .........

First on the agenda, Much congratulations to Purple group and all of her members for the amazing progress they have made in such a short time, keep it up folks. (Pictured above after Raptus kill).

Next of have the fall of Yellow group which has since seen the birth of Silver group under Kae'la the group is once again making leaps and strides in their own progression and a bright future we see for these ones.

Red Group has finally got of their lazy slacker darn no good butts and cleared both Fortress and Palace and reduced them to farm status, good to see the fun back folks now on we go.

Now onwards and upwards, Recently there has been an Influx of new members whom first and fore most we'd all like to welcome to the Guild and we hope you enjoy your stay for how long or how short a stay it may be. Things of note being the Raffle (Talk to Lain), Weekend Ops, Secret Bosses, Treasure Hunts and More to come. 

God Speed Folks

Lainedil Nice! Still waiting for the Red Group Council kill vid, and hopefully soon some more TFB NiM kills by said Awesome Slack ...

As I hope everyone is all back from their holiday season stuffs relatively in one piece. It is time to welcome you all back to Star Wars in 2014!

Now for more pressing news, big shout out to blue group who as you can see from their video above and I quote " going fucking ape shit " on the Dread Council and scoring themselves a well earned guild first much congratulations folks well done!

Now for the rest of you groups out there quit slacking !!! :P or I'll have to shout at lain again .. 

p.s Guild Raffle guys why not try win some monies !!!!!!!

Holiday Season

Mizukage a posted Dec 22, 13

Well folks as you all know the holiday season has come upon us like a rebel fleet in the night.
As a result of this activity over the next 2 weeks will likely see a very significant drop, this is nothing to be worried about just one of those unfortunate facts of life, we all got those annoying things called families that we must entertain. 
So I shall bid you all going luck as you venture into this dangerous frontier if for ever short a time it is don't forget to bring your PVP gear just in case.

From All Of Us Here At This Is Not A Moon

Juzdet Happy celebrating winter solstice\Jólablot everyone, hope the beer is ready ...
Niebla Happy Holidays!! ...
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