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Thought id come drop a quick sup... sup..
Working evening again this week this should be the last week of it so back raiding next week if we have the people
Cheers Dawg

Anarchy Gaming

Mizukage a posted Nov 17, 15

It's time for a abit of a news update on well "things"

We have been approached by one pigeonking / pigeondude, you will find him online in our guild.

He has expressed interest in having our members join a slightly larger gaming community known as 


This isn't mandatory and won't involve changing guilds etc. It just a means for which to try and one gain more interest in the game and also get involved in other games to via anarchy's current member base. If you are interested you can talk to pigeon when he is on and offcourse visit their site as well from the above link and see how things go.

As always Mizu signing off ... because thats how the cookie crumbles ... accept when you lick it. licking it is fun.

ThePigeonKing Thanks for that. So basicaly were a multi gaming comunity. He have a 512 user team speak server with dedicated private ...

The Game Awakens...

Mizukage a posted Oct 13, 15

Hello Ladies And Gentle Dorks.

As has been seen in recent weeks things have literally quite DIED. May it be due to boredom or frustration or just out right blandness of the game at this moment in time so with the expansion going live next week with any luck we will see somewhat of a surge in game activity and it is  as such in our best interest to just cancel all raid activity officially until 1 week after explansion launch, should give people ample time to get up to speed and back into the rythm of things I hope.

This is not to say that you can't raid just that people shouldn't feel obligated to attent as I know some folks rush home from work etc to be on in time.

Looking forward to see you all back in game when things get FUN ! once more 

Yours Sinseriously Mizu & Co.

Upcoming Expansion

Mizukage a posted Jun 16, 15

So what we know so far is : 

16 New Chapters ( More than everything in the game so far )

Subcribe from July to get ALL pre-order bonuses including early access.



Lainedil Interesting...
oreshan how am I ever going to keep up with all my 11 characters and achievements - having a life and a job or being a gamer sea...
Mizukage a Bug off rimgor your not coming BACK !

Because I Lost My Marbles

Mizukage a posted Jun 3, 15

There was was a goat named GG. He was happily married to a turkey named Tanya. All of their neighbors saw them as circus freaks because they married out of their species. This is how they met....
Long, long ago amongst the sassafrass there lived a goat. He slept under the sassafrass to try and be camoflauged from the cats who tried to eat him. He was so scared to leave his home in fear of his life that he was starving. Really fast, GG bolted towards the lagoon to get a quick drink. All of a sudden he heard a noise "Gobble, Gobble". "Oh no! Not a chupacabra....Im too young to die" He seized a sign of relief when he saw it was only a lonely turkey. The little turkey was crying becuase she had no food. The goat threw the lady on to his back and ran to the hot dog stand. GG butted the owner in the butt with his horn and stole the mustard and a few hot dogs. The two had a nice lunch and lived happily ever after.


I met a duck named charles and a bear named tibbers .... they just never seemed to manage to get along until one day when the evil dark lord one eye turned up and the two were forced to combine all off their might to fight this new formitable foe... All seemed fine in the land of Beezlebop town until ofcourse the time came when there was no common enemy and then ofcourse the old nemesis' return to there old ways of not getting along ....

Next time on Mizu's lost his marbles ..........

Tune in for a story about a Cat named Fly and a Snail named Mr MegaSlo .......

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